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Pulse DJ Wedding Services in NC

When planning a wedding in North Carolina, one of the most important elements is the entertainment.  Your guests will remember the entertainment and choosing the right Disc-Jockey (DJ) makes all the difference for your special occasion.  DJs provide the entertainment to keep your guests engaged and socializing, dancing, mingling and having fun.  However, as you will read an “experienced” Disc-Jockey’s role only “starts” with the entertainment!

Many questions arise when planning entertainment including whether to hire a DJ, a band or other entertainment option.  A recent survey conducted by Modern Bride Magazine revealed only 5% of the average wedding budget is spent on entertainment, yet when people who attended weddings were asked what was remembered most, almost 40% said entertainment.  Another survey states close to 80% of people who attend weddings prefer a DJ to a band.

At Pulse Entertainment, packages are available for weddings of all sizes and formalities and include travel, set-up, breakdown and the all important planning services.  Also included are your customized announcements, activities and music requests.

With Pulse Entertainment, you have full control to customize your event with music ranging from romantic ballads to big band and swing, to high-energy dance music and everything in between!  Our professional and organized wedding reception DJ services will keep the evening running smoothly with emcee driven announcements and formalities.

An experienced DJ will coordinate your activities as the emcee of your event, while guaranteeing the music is appropriate for the mood of each phase of your event.  Whether it’s simple things such as keeping the volume levels appropriate, or other things that do make a difference such as assuring coordination with other vendors, organizing wedding party introductions, giving your best man an extra pat of confidence before his big toast, making sure the photographers are present for special moments and the list goes on and on!

Pulse Entertainment has even performed at a Wedding featured on the TLC television show “Four Weddings”!

Pulse Wedding DJ Services in Clayton, NCExperience, Professionalism and Quality!

  • Pulse Entertainment is well recognized with more than 20 years of experience as a professional event DJ specializing in weddings and other family oriented events attended by groups of all ages.
  • Comprehensive planning packages are available.
    • Pre-arrange all of your formalities down to every detail.
    • Request your music before your wedding. You can even create Must Play, Play if Possible and Do Not Play lists.
  • Dedicated customer and planning services means fast responses to your phone calls and/or e-mail for all of your planning needs.
  • Professional Attire. I will blend into your wedding, not “over-run” it.
  • I only use professional grade equipment.

Steps to The Perfect Wedding

With state-of-the-art sound equipment and dazzling lighting effects, a professional DJ can be the life of the wedding.  The DJ not only provides the entertainment, but makes sure your event runs smoothly and your guests enjoy a memorable evening as well.

I work with you to plan the wedding you have always dreamed of.  Whether formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, by land or sea, we will plan every entertainment detail of your wedding from introductions, play-lists, announcements and activities.  Each wedding is tailored to you; working together to make sure your special day is everything you have dreamed.

The booking and planning process is typically broken into several steps outlined below. Each wedding is unique and in some cases, we may take a different approach, but the general process includes:

Initial Consultation: During our first meeting (via phone, video chat or in person), we will discuss the services I offer and your vision of a perfect wedding. I’ll answer all your questions and ask you to describe your ideal day and share ideas on how we can achieve that vision.

Booking: Booking is simple and is all done on-line!  Once I gather the necessary details, an agreement will be provided explicitly stating all of the services you can expect with no hidden or extra costs.  Once you accept the agreement, I will email a PDF version to you.  The agreement can be easily modified in the future if needed.

Planning: Once the agreement is in place, I will send you your on-line planning instructions by email.  We can review the forms and I am always available to answer any questions about your formalities, activities, announcements and music choices.

Music Research: We will make sure all of your favorite music is on hand before your special day!  Music selections will be part of the planning process, and I will locate any of your requests.

Final Review: Approximately one week before your wedding, we will go over the final details.  This is also when we will review the planning forms and make sure I interpreted all of your announcements, formalities, activities and requests correctly.

Set-Up/Breakdown: I typically arrive 1 1/2 – 2 hours prior to your wedding to make sure the setup phase goes smoothly.  I take a maximum of an hour to breakdown.

Performance: Let’s not forget the main reason we are here.  I’m here to perform for your perfect event and make all this planning pay off!

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