Professional Karaoke DJ Services

Karaoke is becoming a more and more popular entertainment option for all ages!

Karaoke can be performed at restaurants, clubs, private or corporate functions.  Add a new twist to an adults birthday party, or watch your child and his/her friends take center stage!  I have over 80,000 songs to choose from including a variety of older gems, current hits, Disney, Children’s classics (right down to the nursery rhymes) and holiday favorites.  I even have a large selection of foreign music in my collection.

The standard karaoke set-up includes everything shown in the DJ Services page with a 19 inch Flat-Screen LED display set-up to view the karaoke lyrics and FOUR wireless microphones for your vocal performances!

The “big-screen” karaoke set-up option includes a projector/screen set-up that will display the lyrics on a large screen or even a wall so that the entire room may join in the fun!

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Karaoke DJ Services

Karaoke Machine Rental

Key Features:

I can offer a 19 inch Flat Screen LED display large enough for smaller groups to view the lyrics from the dance floor or I can bring my projector and project the image to my large screen or even a wall. Everyone can join in the fun with this set-up!  My Optoma ES522 Projector offers 2800 ANSI Lumens, which is plenty bright enough for most “karaoke” environments.


I use the Vocopro UHF-5800 Professional 4-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System.  This system offers FOUR microphones that can be used for group Karaoke performances and works on a virtually interference free UHF frequency.





I have a Numark CDN25+G Professional Karaoke CD Player.  This player will allow me to play CDs and Karaoke CDs. CD-G format is Compact Disc with Graphics, which is a standard in Karaoke.