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Professional Disc Jockey & Karaoke Services

The Mission

Pulse Entertainment’s mission is to provide personalized disc jockey and karaoke services with a strong emphasis on quality, professionalism and reliability.

The latest technologies are used to ensure a simple and painless planning process, while working diligently to provide top rated entertainment services tailored to your event.

Pulse Entertainment specializes in performing at events attended by mixed or family crowds offering an extensive selection of music. The goal is to work with you to carefully plan the execution your event, ensuring all activities are coordinated in advance. Let you DJ run the show so you can sit back and enjoy the company of your guests.

Ask yourself, “How important is your Occasion or Event?”

An experienced disc jockey sets a positive mood for your event.  From announcements and music, to coordinating all of your formal (and informal) activities, a DJ keeps things running smoothly while providing the entertainment.

DJ Jim Martin (Pulse Entertainment) has been a recommended choice of several professional wedding and event organizations over the years.  Jim has performed at many of the most prestigious venues and has been featured on the TLC television show “Four Weddings” which aired in January 2013.  Pulse Entertainment is currently located in North Carolina serving the Clayton, Smithfield, Garner, Raleigh and surrounding areas!

Don’t let inappropriate music or an inexperienced DJ distract you and your guests.  Whether you are planning a wedding or other private, corporate or public event choosing the right the DJ makes all the difference.  When comparing DJ services, make your choice based on experience and recognition by industry experts and not solely based on the lowest price.  Consider what you are receiving for your money.

Pulse Entertainment Offers

  • More than 25 years’ experience as a professional disc jockey performing at corporate, private and public events.
  • An extensive song library.  Pulse Entertainment subscribes to the same promotional music services as popular radio stations; all music is up to date and appropriate for all audiences (radio edited).
  • State of the art equipment and lighting packages providing high power sound driven with Bose Speaker technology and noise filtering equipment for a clean, crisp sound.
  • Back-up equipment on hand in the case the primary equipment fails.
  • Excellent customer support and communication throughout the planning and organization process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Personable and approachable DJ to ensure your guests are comfortable making requests for a fun and interactive experience.
  • Professional set-up guaranteed not to disrupt the look of your event. Our goal is to blend into your event, not over-run it.

Proper planning for your event is crucial!  My 25+ years of experience makes it simple for you to plan your formalities and activities and music requests prior to the event.  I will work with you in assuring that everything is pre-planned so that music and entertainment is the last thing on you mind the day of your event!

For more information, contact DJ Jim Martin at Pulse Entertainment for any event in the Clayton, Smithfield, Garner, Raleigh and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

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