Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions that I receive on a frequent basis.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or e-mail.

How Did You Get Started?

I have always loved music and even before starting to DJ as a “professional” I have always had a ton of music and great sound systems.  It began in High School as a hobby when I started bringing my home system and music to high school parties.  I soon realized that I both had a knack for entertaining crowds and loved to do it.  I started to slowly purchase professional equipment and “graduated” to school dances, church functions and it quickly grew from there.

How Long Have You Been a Disc Jockey?

I have twenty five years of experience as a Professional Disc Jockey.

How Many Events Do You Perform At?

I perform at approximately 50 events per year.  Events range from Weddings to birthday parties, anniversaries, outdoor events and other corporate, public and private events.  I also perform for children with games and activities as well as school age children and teens with all the top-40 music.

Do I offer a Written Contract?

All of the disc jockeys you interview may not have the same standards of professionalism.  A written, legal contract is one of the first indicators of whether a DJ is professional and reliable.  Furthermore, a contract establishes the DJ’s obligation to the client and outlines what is required for the DJ’s success, by outlining his setup requirements and other factors related to his performance.  For this reason, a written contract is absolutely essential and any DJ not using a written contract should not, in our opinion, be considered.

What Kind of Music Will I Play?

I have a wide variety of music from all genres and each event is truly unique, so these responses do not apply to all events.  Also, events can be customized or themed so these ideas are merely for the majority of standard social events.

For many events, I expect that there will be a lot of different people there who all want to have fun.  Grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, co-workers, friends, and out-of-town guests will all have different ideas of what “good” music is.

During a cocktail hour I play music (at an appropriate volume) that everyone can enjoy.  I prefer to keep the music upbeat (not dance but the type of music you just can’t help to tap your foot to).  It should be the type of music that people can socialize listening to and even stimulate them to socialize more.  Later on, I can begin to play music that people will dance to.

For dinner I would slow the pace down a little more so that people can still socialize and eat.  During both cocktail and dinner the music can range from the Beatles to Sinatra to light country and modern music.  For weddings I like to play your lyrical love songs from all the genres from Etta James to Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Adele and list can go on and on.  Some people may prefer a more elegant cocktail hour and dinner so I have a great selection of lounge, jazz, classical, the vocalists, the standards, light pop hits, instrumentals, piano music, etc.

Music can vary from event to event and in addition I have a great selection of big band, country, alternative, latin, polkas, jitterbugs, waltzes, and other ballroom dances as well as many other types of music.

For events that do not include cocktail and/or dinner hours I will play the music appropriate to the event. For example, for a school dance, I will play age specific (radio edit) dance music from beginning to end!

Also, some events, such as Weddings have specific types of music that will “typically” get played. Of course any event, especially a Wedding, will benefit from pre-planning and customization of music lists to assure that the music blends into your event, and does not over-run it.

My Family is Difficult To Get Dancing, What Can You Do?

This situation can be handled in very different ways.  Generally it boils down too two options – sometimes it is best to use the microphone to try to “energize” your guests and motivate them to dance.  Other times this would not be appropriate and it is preferred to use careful song selection to ensure dance floor success.  A professional DJ will know what is best to do in these situations and determine the best way to handle.

Some advise to you as the host:  “Don’t let anyone else have more fun than you at your party!”  That is a very good piece of advice I have heard more than once.  I agree.  The first thing I would recommend is that you help start the dancing.  Your family and friends are not going to leave the “guest of honor”, i.e. bride, groom, birthday boy or girl, etc. on the dance floor alone.  But, this option may not be feasible for all as not all those that host parties are “party animals” themselves.  That does not mean they do not want to see their guests have a great time.  Again, that is what you hire a DJ for!  DJs have experience and know the “tricks” to get people dancing.

There are plenty of other tricks that I could write books on which all come from experience.  The techniques used are based on experience and the ability to read a crowd and to play the music that will keep everyone dancing all night long.  There are plenty of professional techniques a DJ can use without being “cheesy”.

How Will I Dress For Your Function?

For most events I will wear a polo type “Pulse Entertainment” uniform shirt and a pair of khaki pants or shorts for outdoor events.  For weddings and other formal events I will wear a shirt and tie, suit, tux or other preference so that I blend into the event.  I own a tux that is basic black and white.  We will determine this during our planning session(s).  I will always ask.

Am I Willing To Discuss Music Selections Ahead of Time and Willing to Play Requests, Particularly If They Are Suitable For Dancing?

Yes.  It is impossible for anyone to know everything there is to know about music and entertainment, so I am more than willing to listen to your ideas and input.  I make myself available prior to your function to discuss your ideas and input.  Special requests are not a problem and I am willing to listen to requests and play them where I think they are appropriate.  One of the “special” skills that a DJ posses is the ability to play the correct music at the correct time so I will try my best to communicate this to the eager requesters.  I usually don’t just go down a list of requests like a robot.  Also, I always get those “random” requests that are not appropriate for the crowd and again, I will communicate that to the requester and work with them to select a more appropriate song.  The personality of the DJ and their ability to interact with the crowd is critical to a successful event.  One of my biggest “compliments” is how approachable I am at an event.

Do I Use Professional Equipment Suitable For The Job?

Yes.  There is a huge difference between the audio equipment you have at home and the equipment a professional disc jockey uses.  Even high-end home audio equipment is not designed to project sound in large areas.  Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out.  I use only professional equipment to insure the announcement and musical selections are audible to all your guests enjoyment.

Do I Know The Proper Procedure And Etiquette For Your Type Of Function.

Yes.  I will become involved with the planning of your special function and will be prepared to handle any announcements or special events (or activities) on the day of your event.  Each and every event is unique so planning is critical to assure the results are exactly as you envisioned.  I am prepared to serve as an “Emcee” or Master of Ceremonies in as little or much fashion as you would like.  Professional DJs/Emcees are hired for more than just playing music!  We are key to the flow of your event.

Can I Supply Back Up Equipment Or Another Disc Jockey In Case Of Emergency.

Yes.  Even professional equipment can fail on occasion, and I have spare equipment available for critical components such as the computer (spare laptop) and amplifier (spare amplifier).  Any other failures I can work around.  Any number of circumstances may arise between the time you book a DJ and the date of the event.  I have a list of reputable DJs in case of illness or accident that I carry with me. I will do the best that I can to assure that your event will go on in these rare cases but inevitable things happen.  In over fifteen years and hundreds of events I have never been late or missed an event.  I have had equipment fail (twice) and have been able to quickly revert to back-up equipment with little to no interruption in the event.  Both failures were in wet conditions!! Something every DJ makes every effort to avoid.

Are You Obnoxious Or Cheesy?

Absolutely not.  My goal is to fit in and not to over-run your event.  My primary business focus is family based events as well as other private, corporate and public events.  I am not a radio station or club DJ…. I don’t pretend to be a singer or a comedian.  I will wear appropriate attire.  Beyond that, there will be no signs or banners on my equipment (unless it is a reduced rate charity event), and I will not spend the whole night mentioning Pulse Entertainment over the microphone.  I do not jump off the speakers or do anything tasteless, vulgar, or lewd.  I do not talk excessively as you can get the same effect from playing a radio station!  I will not leave my DJ booth to dance with YOUR guests.  I do not embarrass people or play inappropriate requests.  I do not help myself to your bar.  After all, you are the center of attention, not the DJ.  My job is to assure announcements are made, formalities and activities are led and to fill the dance floor.  I am there to create an atmosphere of fun for all in the context of your event.  There are some people that would prefer a DJ that is “obnoxious and cheesy… if this is the case, I may not be the DJ for you!

How Do Your Rates Work? Do You Have Packages?

Each and every event is truly unique.  I have basic rates for different types of events as do most Disc Jockeys.  My basic rates include planning, travel, set-up, performance and break-down.  To keep rates as low as possible for you, I start with an affordable standard rate for basic services and then add some options such as the light effects package, Karaoke, formality charges, etc.  I can provide you a rate right from this website by clicking the Availability link above!