What People Say About Pulse Entertainment!

Pulse Entertainment recognizes that in North Carolina the MOST SUCCESSFUL AND CRUCIAL form of Advertising is word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients! 

I also realize that one bad referral can produce negative results for years.  Especially in an era of internet and social media exposure!

For this reason, it is my philosophy to, “Treat Every Client as Most Valuable and Every Event as Most Important.”  I believe that by doing this, my clients and our guests, will become the best form of advertisement.

I promise to tailor your event to suit your taste and meet the needs of you and your guests.  I believe that it is my job to provide musical entertainment and assure your event flows in a manner that suits the desires of my clients.

To that end, over 75% of my business is from referrals and repeat business.   Choose a well established DJ recommended by past clients and vendors and some of the most recognized event planning and professional business organizations.  Pulse Entertainment is even Accredited “A+” by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a recognition a lot of DJs have!

Recognition and Feedback:

Pulse Entertainment has received countless awards and recognition’s for outstanding services in planning and performing at events of all kinds.  It is just as important to me as it is to you that I am the correct DJ for your event, so give me a call for a free, no pressure consultation!


While there are plenty of current reviews available on-line here are a few that date back up to ten years ago.  A history of reputable service!

Additional filtered but very legit “5-Star” Yelp reviews (See my complete Yelp Profile):

E-mail from a Bride (Identifying information removed):

Jim: We were so happy with your service! There wasn’t a single song that you played that we didn’t like! And my father was overjoyed that you fit in On the Road Again!

If you need any quotes to use or anything let me know and I am happy to help! Also, don’t forget to leave your info with **** at Wayside Inn so she can suggest you.

Thanks again, Susan

This is a review from MarthaStewartWeddings.com from a happy bride:

Satisfaction Survey from Recent Bride (Identifying information removed):

Event Type: Wedding
Event Staff: Jim Martin
Ease of Use of On-line Planning Tools: Excellent
Value of On-line Planning Tools: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service at Event: Excellent
DJ Friendliness / Treatment To Guests: Excellent
DJ Promptness (Set-up on Time): Excellent
DJ Professionalism: Excellent
DJ Performance: Excellent
DJ Appearance: Excellent
DJ Personality: Excellent
System Appearance: Excellent
Sound Quality: Excellent
Volume Levels for Cocktail Hour: Excellent
Volume Levels for Dinner: Excellent
Volume Levels for Dancing: Excellent
Music Selection for Cocktail Hour: Excellent
Music Selection for Dinner: Excellent
Music Selection for Dancing: Excellent
Incorporation of Your Requests: Excellent
Lighting Effects: N/A
Karaoke Services: N/A
Cooperation with Other Vendors: N/A
Is there anything specific that can be improved upon?
Additional comments or suggestions?
Would you recommend this service to others? Yes
May your comments be shared with others? Yes
May your name be added to a list of references? Yes


E-mail from a First Communion Party:

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your service for our daughter Brigit ***** Holy communion Party…

We ALL really enjoyed your DJ….
Hope to have you soon…on another occassion…and I hope you and your daughter had a nice time tooo…
Take Care

Best Always…..

Quote from a Children’s Karaoke Party from a 7 Year Old Girl:

“This was the best birthday party I could have dreamed of. I am really popular now. This is for you from my special Piggybank”. She handed me a quarter as a “tip”.

E-mail from a Halloween Party:

Thank You so much for your performance last weekend at our party! I knew when I saw you perform at that Birthday Party you were the one I wanted to hire. As a bartender, I see so many DJs and you really stood out! I was really worried when I found out my party would be competing with the Red Sox game. I can’t believe how well you incorporated the two “events” and kept us old folks dancing well past midnight! I had nothing but compliments on how you mixed up all the generations of music and didn’t play Disco all night! I am sorry we didn’t offer a ton of requests, but there was no need to! We will keep you in mind for our party in two years. We can’t do this every year, but we are already thinking of you for the next one.

E-mail (Communication With) Another Happy Bride! (Identifying information removed):

Julie, you don’t know how good that makes me feel that I was able to help make your day awesome! As you said, you just wanted everyone to have fun and they all did. We had everyone up dancing at some point during the evening whether it was the kids doing the Hokey Pokey or the adults dancing to some the older big band, waltz and even Polka songs that were requested. And of course “our generation” (your wedding party, etc.) was up dancing to everything from all the genres that were played! I don’t think I have ever played the Chicken Dance twice at one event, but people enjoyed it so much the first time I kept getting requests towards the end of the night (after a few more drinks) to do it again. And of course it doesn’t hurt that both you and your husband (how does that sound!) are so outgoing (and flexible) and really helped me keep things moving by participating in all the dances and activities and of course having so many dances and activities… all those things really help me to interact with the crowd. And even the couple of periods where the slower, quieter music sets were played went over really well since it gave everyone a chance to sit and rest and socialize a bit between dancing and activities. That is where there is a huge advantage in having such a long reception… you have the time to actually socialize and rest a bit between dancing and all the formalities and activities! As we talked about, my wife and I followed the same format for our wedding and wouldn’t have done it any other way. My family and friends still talk about how much fun our Wedding was.

It really is a lot that is put on my shoulders each and every time I perform at a Wedding but I do love it. Have a wonderful trip and I do appreciate the feedback. I will add you to my references list since I am in the process of updating it. Again, thank you for having me a part of your most special day! -jim

James Martin
Pulse Entertainment

—– Original Message —–

From: julie
Received: 6/16/08 9:43 PM
To: info@pulsedj.com
Subject: RE:

You were great!!! Thank you so much for an awesome night. You can use me for a reference any time!!


E-mail from Bride (Identifying information removed):

Re: Thank You
From: “Maggie” ?

Thu, Sep 25, 2008 8:13 pm
To: “Pulse Entertainment”
Hey Jim – thank you so much for working with us. We had a blast & you were fantastic! You kept up a great mix of music to keep people happy and the dance floor moving. I’m glad we had a chance to introduce you to the Brak song for the cake cutting! =)

Thank you again!

~Maggie & Colin

E-mail from Bride who took the time to e-mail me after her honeymoon! (Identifying information removed):

Subject:Thank You
From: Jenn
Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2008 1:28 pm
To: info@pulsedj.com
Hi Jim,
Sorry things were so hectic after the wedding and we never got to Thank you for making our evening great! I felt bad that we didn’t Thank you and then left for the honeymoon, so thanks again and take care!