Thinking of an iPod Wedding?

Technology is everywhere.  Brides and grooms are making so many decisions on how to budget their wedding and reception.  What components of your reception are really important?   When it comes to entertainment, can an iPod or other music player (or even a laptop) take the place of a DJ?  What other elements of your Wedding […]

Should You Allow Guests to Request Music at Your Event?

Should you allow your guests to request music at your event?  I’ve discussed this topic with many hosts and especially every Bride & Groom I’ve ever worked with.  While many events are designed to be very “guest” focused the exception to this may be certain private events such as your own wedding.  Weddings are typically the most “customized” and […]

Should You Visit the DJ at a Private Performance Prior to Hiring?

On occasion I do receive requests from a prospective client for permission to attend another clients event to see me, “The Disc-Jockey” in action.  I would certainly agree that at first thought this seems to be a very logical and appropriate question to ask.  However, this practice is considered both unprofessional and an ineffective way to […]

Most Expensive Wedding Singers

Wouldn’t it be great to have Adele come out and sing “Make You Feel My Love”? during the bride and groom’s dance, or Jennifer Lopez starting the party with her hit “On the Floor”? You can. But you’re going to need a few million dollars. A musician singing at a wedding isn’t new; in fact […]

Music can make or break a wedding

Some things go unnoticed during a wedding. The officiant fumbling his words during the ceremony, wilted flowers, or even drunk Uncle Al hitting on the bridesmaids may go unnoticed. But what won’t go unseen or unheard is the music during the wedding. According to St. Louis Bride and Groom Magazine, 81 percent of guests say […]

Top Wedding Songs from 2012

This year featured some great wedding songs. Some that made the bride and groom fall in love with everyone all over again, and others that made everyone get out on the dance floor and have a ball. That’s what I try to accomplish as your North Carolina wedding disc jockey. I try and give the reception […]