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Pulse DJ Wedding Services in NC

When planning a wedding in North Carolina, one of the most important elements is the entertainment.  Your guests will remember the entertainment and choosing the right Disc-Jockey (DJ) makes all the difference for your special occasion.  DJs provide the entertainment to keep your guests engaged and socializing, dancing, mingling and having fun.

I have been performing at Weddings for over 25 years.  I have many stories to tell.  The majority of my most memorable Weddings were those that were casual.  The bride and groom were comfortable, the guests were comfortable and the Disc Jockey (DJ) was comfortable.

As you look around for a DJ you may have noticed that the rates are generally pretty high!  For a Professional DJ to be competitive in the Wedding industry we must spend a great deal of money just to advertise, maintain formal attire, attend wedding conferences, belong to special organizations and many other expenses that are specific to Weddings.  I have been there and done that and decided years ago that after 20 years of experience nothing really changes when it comes to what is most important.

  • Planning:  A DJ with the ability to create and successfully execute “your” plan.
  • Experience:  You do want a DJ with experience.  Pulse Entertainment has been recognized over the last 25 years as a professional event DJ specializing in family oriented events attended by groups of all ages.
  • Equipment: The use of only professional grade equipment.
  • Personality: DJs all come with different personalities.  Those that love to talk and tell jokes down to those that only speak when needed.  I will emcee but will not add any additional commentary to your Wedding including “cheesy” comments or jokes.
  • Music:  With Pulse Entertainment, you have full control to customize your event with music ranging from romantic ballads to big band and swing, to high-energy dance music and everything in between!

What is Casual?

What’s the difference between casual and formal?  Everyone is going to have their own answer but in my experience here are some of the differences:

Venue: If your venue offers all the bells and whistles of fully plated meals, fancy table cloths, napkins, chair covers with staff in formal attire this would be considered formal.

Why is this important:  An experienced DJ spends a lot of time prior to the wedding coordinating with the venue and staff.  Schedules are usually tighter and many times the DJ needs to go the extra mile setting up quickly and/or under stressful situations. Venues have a tendency to book as many events as they can in a day and are not always considerate to your other vendors needs. This can drive up the cost of hiring a DJ for everyone as we account for this extra time.

Dress: If your guests are required to be wearing formal attire.  I would not consider the bride and groom and/or wedding party attire to count at all.  You are meant to stand-out on your special day.

Why is this important:  There is nothing wrong with a formal wedding!  However, you will be paying for these services across the board.  I no longer own a decent tux as the wear and tear requires replacement which adds costs to the service.  While this may not seem like much, this alone costs a DJ at least $50.00 an event including cleaning costs between events.  We would certainly discuss how I dress for your event because this is important but a tux or formal suit is off the plate.

Formalities: If you are including all the formalities in the wedding including father-daughter, mother-son, parent, grandparent dances, cake cutting, bouquet tosses, etc.  However, there are casual weddings that still contain some of these formalities.

Why is this important: Additional planning with you and vendors takes more time.  You are not paying a DJ just for the time they are performing at your event. This is similar to the fact that you are not paying your caterer to just serve you a meal.  The caterer spends a lot of time purchasing the food, prepping the food and cleaning up after the event.

Bottom line.  I keep my costs low to you by keeping my own costs low.

Pulse Entertainment performed at a Wedding featured on the TLC television show “Four Weddings”!

Pulse Wedding DJ Services in Clayton, NC

Steps to The Perfect Wedding

The booking and planning process is typically broken into several steps outlined below. Each wedding is unique and in some cases, we may take a different approach, but the general process includes:

Initial Consultation: During our first meeting (via phone or video chat), we will discuss the services I offer and your vision of a perfect wedding. I’ll answer all your questions and ask you to describe your ideal day and share ideas on how we can achieve that vision.

Booking: Once I gather the necessary details, an agreement will be provided explicitly stating all of the services you can expect with no hidden or extra costs.  Once you accept the agreement, I will email a PDF version to you.  The agreement can be easily modified in the future if needed.

Planning: Once the agreement is in place, I will send you your on-line planning instructions by email.  We can review the forms and I am always available to answer any questions about your formalities, activities, announcements and music choices.

Music Research: We will make sure all of your favorite music is on hand before your special day!  Music selections will be part of the planning process, and I will locate any of your requests.

Final Review: Approximately one week before your wedding, we will go over the final details.  This is also when we will review the planning forms and make sure I interpreted all of your announcements, formalities, activities and requests correctly.

Set-Up/Breakdown: I typically arrive 1 1/2 – 2 hours prior to your wedding to make sure the setup phase goes smoothly.  I take a maximum of an hour to breakdown.

Performance: Let’s not forget the main reason we are here.  I’m here to perform for your perfect event and make all this planning pay off!

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