‘Just Sing It!’ app gives you a karaoke fix

April 29th, 2013 jmartin-admin

Let’s face it, you can’t sing karaoke everywhere.

Just Sing It AppYou can’t pick up the mic and sing at work, or at home, or even in your car or shower. In lots of situations, you may be singing, but you’re just by yourself.

Well thanks to modern technology and modern ideas, there’s now an app for letting people sing karaoke everywhere.

Just Sing It! is an app available for iOS users, or Apple platforms, that allows you to sing against other users where they have to guess your song.

It’s similar to the game Draw Something, where you choose from three songs, one more difficult than the other, and sing them well enough where your opponent can guess them. The user can listen to their opponents, sometime random, song over and over again until they guess the song. Sometimes, making it more difficult, are the sound effects that help perk up your voice like lots of pop stars use today – yes we’re looking at you Brittany Spears and Katy Perry.

The lyrics of the song you choose pop up like karaoke, so you don’t have to necessarily know the song to sing it.

Just Sing It! AppThe best part about it, is if you thought you sang Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” really good, you can share your version on Facebook and Twitter.

This creative app allows anyone, anywhere, to do a little karaoke.

The app is also helped created by Michael Lohan Jr., the brother of Lindsay Lohan. Lohan has been tweeting to her followers to challenge her on Just Sing It! and she has become a little bit of a spokeswoman for it, tweeting it out for a potential 6 million people to see and download. And with Lindsay Lohan’s impending rehab stint, she’ll probably playing the app a little bit more come May.

The app has currently been downloaded over 100,000 times and over 500,000 songs have been recorded or sung into the app.

So if you’re in need of karaoke fix, give the app a whirl, but we can promise you, nothing will match the fun or excitement of singing karaoke in front of people at a bar or corporate event!

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