Music can make or break a wedding

March 8th, 2013 jmartin-admin

Some things go unnoticed during a wedding.

The officiant fumbling his words during the ceremony, wilted flowers, or even drunk Uncle Al hitting on the bridesmaids may go unnoticed.

Dancing at a weddingBut what won’t go unseen or unheard is the music during the wedding.

According to St. Louis Bride and Groom Magazine, 81 percent of guests say the detail they notice most about the wedding is the music. Another fact: 72 percent of brides wish they spent more time researching the right entertainment for their wedding.

If the music is bad it could kill the good vibe that’s expected from all the guests, which are comprised of good friends and family. I know my family likes to go out and cut-a-rug during weddings, and what a disappointment it would be if the wedding DJ killed the mood by playing songs that didn’t match the personality of the couple and guests.

This is why I have a sit-down consultation with all of my brides and grooms, picking their brain on what their perfect envision of a wedding is and how I can make it complete. Coming up with a playlist that fits the bride, groom and their guests is top-priority and is why people have referred me to others throughout the years. With over 10 years’ experience, the best equipment, and a personality that gets the party started, I can make your wedding reception dreams become a reality.

Be sure to book your 2013 summer wedding soon, as weekends are starting to fill up fast.

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