Professional Light Effects Package

The light effects package adds the extra ambiance needed to get everyone to the dance floor! 

The light effects package contains a variety of spot lights, chasers, lasers, strobes and black lights to create various effects to keep the dance floor moving.  The various colors and patterns are synced to the music which adds an entire new dimension to the dance floor.  Great for an all night dance party or to transition from a more more formal dinner to a colorful, moving dance atmosphere.


Professional Light Effects


When this option is included with your entertainment package I will configure the appropriate lighting for your event.  For example, I do not configure strobes or other high intensity lights for a Wedding.  However, for parties attended by younger audiences and even late night adult parties, I can configure dance floor lighting to really add that extra “punch” to your dance floor!

If you are looking for specific lighting effects for your event, please let me know!

The following are some videos and pictures of some of the available lighting fixtures.  The videos can be viewed in full-screen by selecting the “Full Screen” icon on the bottom right corner of the video screen:



  • Standard lighting effect with Red, Blue, Green and Yellow spot lights that flash to the beat of the music.

Galaxian GEM (LED):

Two effects in one!

  • 100’s of Green Laser beams!
  • Multi-colored LED beams move and rotate to the music by it’s own internal microphone.

Vertigo (LED):

  • One of our most popular effects!
  • Multiple beams of multi-color light.
  • Beams rotate and crisscross back and forth to the beat of the music.

Revo II LED Light:

  • Firework Like Projections on the Dance Floor.
  • Razor Sharp LED Beams.

LED Techno RGB Light:

  • Crisp, clear LED light, multiple color variations.
  • Used for smaller functions in replacement of larger colored spot lights.

Micro Royal Galaxian Laser:

  • Unique mini laser that projects more than 200 blue and red beams that can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or wall.

Mini Tri-Ball (LED):

  • Mini rotating ball produces 56 sound activated beams that change color and strobe to the sound of music.


  • Ultra-Bright LED light synched to the music displays a virtually unlimited array of sharp colors.

Sure Shot Strobes:

  • Multiple 45-Watt Strobes create awesome effects.
  • Primarily used for younger crowds unless requested.

LED Shadow Backlight:

  • Blacklights create a multitude of effects in various atmospheres.