Should You Visit the DJ at a Private Performance Prior to Hiring?

June 22nd, 2013 pulsedj

On occasion I do receive requests from a prospective client for permission to attend another clients event to see me, “The Disc-Jockey” in action.  I would certainly agree that at first thought this seems to be a very logical and appropriate question to ask.  However, this practice is considered both unprofessional and an ineffective way to choose your Disc Jockey.

Let’s tackle the unprofessional part first.  Bottom line, most people would not appreciate a DJ, or any other vendor for that matter inviting others to their private event.  Simply put, it is just not their right to do so!  Imagine if all of your vendors had free rein to allow prospective clients to come and see the room, view (or try) the cake, taste the food, see the DJ… well you get it!  Your event is your private event, not a trade show.  I have heard stories about prospective clients coming in to see the DJ and sitting down for dinner, dancing (and flirting) with guests and even criticizing the event to the staff and host.  While most of us might scratch our heads and wonder who would ever do these things, they are out there.

Aside from being unprofessional this practice is also an ineffective way to judge a DJs talent and skill.  Each and every event, especially in today’s culture is truly unique.  Let’s take a wedding for example… I have seen it all!  There are some weddings that are designed to be more of a party from start to finish, there are some that include Karaoke, there are some that are sports themed, regionally themed (I have even performed at an all-out “parrot-head” themed wedding), seasonally themed and then there are others that are very formal and/or very low key.  I have even performed at low-key weddings where dancing was NOT encouraged at all.  Where does your event fit into this?  Additionally, experienced DJs can and will play the “character” they are asked to play and this may not at all be the character you are looking for.  Even if I allowed for someone to come to one of my events, it is very possible that the event itself could turn them off.  Since I allow full customization of your formalities, activities and music there is absolutely no guarantee that you will see anything you like when you come to someone else’s event.  Also there is the timing to consider.  What do you really want to see from the DJ and how long do you plan on sticking around over the Disc Jockeys shoulder to see it?  While most events do have a timeline things do not always go as planned and most of the time the DJ has nothing to do with timing or other hiccups in an event.  This can be problematic because one of two things will happen.  You will either leave unsatisfied or you will stay longer than promised making the situation even more inappropriate and awkward.

So in conclusion while I certainly can see the reason for asking the question; a professional DJ should be willing to take a stand for their clients’ privacy and not offer this as a possibility.  In my experience most professional wedding DJs never allow this.  This should be a consideration when choosing any of your vendors.  So what might be a good alternative?  Today’s technologies!   Any reputable vendor you are looking at (especially a DJ) should be able to provide a website with plenty of information including photos, videos and testimonials.  Furthermore, reputable vendors should have exposure on Yelp, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and/or other social media outlets where the world is free to praise (or criticize) their work.  These public outlets provide the most up to date, honest and accurate testimonials that have ever been available to research your vendors.


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