Get out there and sing!

October 5th, 2013 jmartin-admin

Get out there and sing!

Karaoke has a number of health benefits for people of all ages and, of course, all kinds of vocal talent.

From breathing better to achieving higher self-esteem, there’s plenty of benefits for belting the tunes in a crowded bar.

In a 2009 study on the benefits of moderate drinking that was posted in United Kingdom’s The Telegraph, Professor Takeshi Tanigawa from the Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan said moderate drinking with friends helps improve cardiovascular health along with self-esteem and suggested a karaoke bar as a place to deal with stress.

“After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events,” Tanigawa told the Telegraph back in 2009.

Sure people sing in the shower and their cars while no one is around, but doing it in front of strangers is no easy task. That’s why taking the plunge and singing a tune can build confidence and ever bring you and your friends closer together. After all they’re the ones we call on for support and there’s no doubt they’ll have your back whether you sound like Rosanne Barr or Celine Dion. At a staff work party, it can bring your co-workers together and be an ice breaker in the office.

Overall, singing Karaoke if fun, which is perfect after a stressful day at the office. Check out what “The Drs.” had to say about the benefits of karaoke in this video.

So whether you’re tone-deaf or a professional singer, get out there and sing and have fun!



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